POSTPONED: Workshop on The Legitimacy of EU Public Health Law and Policy


Friday 24.04.20


Verversdijk, Bruges campus
Verversdijk 16
8000 Brugge

The workshop on "The Legitimacy of EU Public Health Law and Policy" has been postponed until a later date still to be determined.

腾达娱乐EU action in public health is far from straightforward, it lacks clarity and coherence. Health is often considered as an area of core national competence which ought to stay relatively sheltered from EU influence, as illustrated by its classification as a Union complementary competence. Yet, the body of Union law and policies in this domain is growing both in scope and in depth and touches now upon many fields: health-care systems, patient and professional mobility, medicinal products and medical devices, food safety, promotion of healthy lifestyles, etc.

腾达娱乐The purpose of this workshop is to explore the legitimacy of Union action in public health. The term legitimacy allows to explore different dimensions of EU public health action, loosely inspired by the trilogy developed by Vivien Schmidt: input legitimacy (who?), throughput legitimacy (how?) and output legitimacy (what?). By answering these three questions and providing possible solutions to the problems arising therefrom, it should be possible to provide the Union with a more solid basis to defend its involvement in public health matters. Public health is here understood in a narrow sense, focusing on the prevention of health risks (communicable and non-communicable diseases) and leaving aside aspects related to healthcare.

This workshop is postponed until a later date still to be determined.

For more information, please contact Valérie HAUSPIE.



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